When you meet a Portland Casino & Poker Rentals casino dealer you are sure to be impressed. Our company only hires the most qualified and enthusiastic employees because we pride ourselves on providing the very best casino experience possible to each of our guests. One of our top dealers, Girard, is a casino dealing veteran. Prior to being hired as a Portland & Poker Rental dealer he was a Table Games Supervisor at the St. Louis Riverfront Casino, where he managed over 15 tables and dealers. No matter what game, you’ll never find him without a smile on his face and a helping hand.

"I feel that our yearly Christmas party is a way that the company can show our appreciation of our emploeyees, and each year I do my best to top the party from the year before. I'm not sure how I can top this next year!

Philip Kraft, Omega Thermo Products

Chicago Casino and Poker Rentals - Let it Ride Party

Let it Ride


Let it ride poker is a very popular casino game that deals a player the first three cards of a five card poker hand, then allows them to fold or let their bets 'ride' on the outcome of the hand's two community cards. It is derived from Five Card Stud poker, but rather than playing against the other players, participants play against the casino. At Milwaukee Casino & Poker Rentals, we provide the best Let it Ride tables and accessories available!

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